Are you thinking of enrolling in a fire school but you’re not sure if you have the fire skills necessary to make it? Finding the answer and the right school can be difficult. It seems if you asked 10 different people these questions you would get 10 different answers and everyone would be right in some way. It’s one thing to find a good fire school, but it’s another to find the right fire school. Choosing the perfect program will depend on such criteria as where you live geographically, because different provinces endorse different fire programs or schools.

At Fire Skills we research and curate all the necessary schools and information available to eligible candidates and we help you get the information you need to become a firefighter.

Becoming a firefighter isn’t a job, its a career in helping and educate people. The team at Fire Skills want to help you find the right answers to your questions so you can know which direction to head in and how to find the right school that will lead to getting hired. One of the most difficult challenges to getting into firefighting has to be the fire skills required to be hired.

As a career, firefighting requires physical, mental and emotional strength that not everyone has. If you believe you are one of the few and the brave, then read on. We wish you luck in in your career and we say thank you for helping keep all of our communities safe.

Firefighters are a brotherhood few people fully understand.

Many complain about training because they don’t know how much they don’t know.