Denbow – Value Driven Company

Denbow – Value Driven Company


I’ve had the privilege of working with the team at They are a pretty fun bunch and they offer some amazing services. Here’s a simple list:

One Ton Truck Delivery Service – Perfect for small orders for guys like me

Mulch – Blown in or delivered

SoilVeggie Soil, Nutri-mend and manufactured soils

Landscape – design ideas, products to enhance your landscaping

Green Walls and Filtrex Filtersox 

You get the idea. they are a company that takes wood bi-products and turns them into recycled and usable materials for home owners and businesses. So why do I like working with them. Is it simply because there’s a paycheck at the end of the day? Did I get free product or huge discounts for my landscape products?

No. I love their culture. In walking alongside the team, I was able to intimately peer into who they are. And they are for real. I’ve seen a lot of companies preach culture but Denbow LIVES it. It is really amazing to be a part of. And this isn’t one of those blow smoke articles. These people are legitimately real and value driven people. It must be one of the main reasons they’ve been successful for the last few years.

They have the brand promise of  ““We are a community that faithfully builds into people. We strive to continuously improve as a company and deliver progressive solutions and products with service excellence (‘Wow’).” Bill’s daughter Michelle is a second generational employee at Denbow. Her passion to drive the company forward by “faithfully” building people is completely evident. It’s a pretty amazing. Read more about Denbow here.

So I love working for Denbow because they are transparent, they live by their actions which are driven by their words and they are a company committed to making the world a better place.

Yes, I am in partnership with Denbow. But if you know me, you know that I passionately believe in my friends work and I support them as best I can. I am honored to say that I am know friends with Denbow and I am proud to help support them in their mission.




napili bay snorkeling

Sail Maui – Molokini Snorkeling

As with all business people, everyone needs some R & R. Recently, our family took a vacation to the beautiful island of Maui. Not only did we get to enjoy the island but Sail Maui took us on our dream vacation.

We also were able to take in one of the amazing Sail Maui Tours, the Molokini Snorkeling Tour.  Molokini is one of Maui’s most incredible snorkeling destinations. The unique, crescent shaped crater is a natural marine preserve, and is home to over 250 species of tropical fish. Sail Maui combines the elements of performance sailing in the trade winds with snorkeling in the protected, crystal clear water at Molokini crater for a truly outstanding experience.

We were able to discover Molokini aboard Paragon II, where your trip included a continental breakfast on the leisurely sail across Ma’alaea Bay. While eating our amazing local fresh fruit and baked goods, we took in the stunning landscape that makes Maui special. We hoping to go back sometime between December and May when it’s whale season and hopefully spot humpback whales as they swim nearby. While at Molokini, swim, snorkel, and rinse off with our fresh water shower. After snorkeling, we’ll invite you to indulge in a full lunch buffet and refresh with a variety of beverages, including wine and local beer.

Aboard Paragon II we had the experience and the thrill of a lifetime! Our Molokini snorkel trip was one of the best parts of our trip to Maui. Already can’t wait to go back! :)


12 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners

We came across a great article, 12 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners by Constructiv Works Inc. We’re excited to try to implement some of these skills in our blog and website to help improve who finds us. It will be interesting to see where we are at in the next 12 – 18 months.

We hope you enjoyed the article as much as we did. Read the article here or in it’s entirety below.


12 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips – On-Page SEO Tips for Beginners


It’s no secret that On-Page SEO is an essential part of ranking well in search engines, helping drive users to your business website, and in turn, bringing in new customers. The following is  the 12 Best Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners. These tips and tricks can help you gain Google’s trust, and give your blog post the page authority to climb right up the rankings, maybe even to page one.

1) Use Your Keywords On The Page

Make sure the terms you want to rank for are present on the page, either exactly or in a variation of the keyword, is key. For example, if your website is about an ‘auto body shop in albany’, make sure that information is on the home page.

It is important to note though, that the days of stuffing a keyword or phrase into every other sentence is long over. In fact, Google’s Hummingbird updates primary goal was to sniff out, and penalize sites that use keywords excessively, and recognize synonyms as well. So make sure your copy reads natural, using alt-text and headings that relate, but isn’t an obvious attempt at adding more keywords to your post or page.

2) Link Out To and Authority Site

Linking out to an authority site that relates to the information you are providing is a great way to prove to Google that you are aiming to provide real value, and are worthy of trust. Select a phrase in your copy and link it to a page that relates on wikipedia, another authority site, or a .gov or .edu site to raise in the SERPs faster!

3) Pay Attention To Image File Names, and Alt Text.

It’s a good idea to name your picture and images in a descriptive way, avoiding names like ’01.jpg’, opting instead for names like ‘car-in-shop.jpg’ or ‘newly-painted-car.jpg’. This is also important when adding alt text to your pictures, avoid using it to stuff keywords, instead use a descriptive phrase that relates to the keyword.

4) Add A Promotional Video

Adding a video to your home page, preferably above the fold, can be very helping in on-page SEO. You see, the time a user stays on your site actually affects your sites ranking. A video can help visitors hang around longer, giving your site a good boost in SERPs. Some video hosting sites that can also help is using Vimeo or Youtube to host the video, optimizing for search and then embedding it on your own website.

On-page SEO is essential to ensuring your business website is working, bringing in new customers. These tips can help you be on your way to ranking well in search engines.

5) Use the Power of Social Media – Integrate Share, Like and Tweet Buttons

In September 2013 Google launched the Hummingbird Algorithm update, and with it the search giant quietly began factoring in social signals as proof of the quality of the content on a site. Linking your site to popular social media platforms is an important part of SEO. By providing your readers with like, share, tweet and pin buttons will encourage users to share your content, building your social proof, and increasing your search rankings.

6) Write Useful Content People Want To Read & Share

With social proof now factoring in search results, writing shareable content is an important part of keeping your site on top. Take the time to write quality content that your readers will find useful, and will want to share, increasing your social proof, and gaining Google’s trust.

In fact, it’s pretty useless to spend loads of money on links, and SEO if your content isn’t interesting, useful, or well written. Create real, actionable information, presented in easy to understand language, and broken down to bite sized quips, helping your readers get true value from your site.

7) Pictures, Infographics and Bullet Points

Breaking up your text with related bullet points, pictures, diagrams, graphs or illustrations is a great way to increase engagement, and keep users on your site longer – a metric Google uses to measure the value of your content. Most users are pretty impatient, even if your content is AMAZING, if it isn’t broken up with pictures, graphs and diagrams many will shy away from 500+ words of solid text.

Taking the time to create a few useful info graphics for your content or tutorial can help you climb the search ranks much more quickly.

8) Create Unique Title and Description Meta Tags for Each Page

Make sure your title and description tags are unique on a page level, reflecting the content unique to the page or post. These tags, hidden away at the head of your web page, contain the text that is shown in search results, playing a key part of on-page SEO, and is the first impression users will have on your website. Taking the time to plan, write, and word the tags properly can increase CTR exponentially.

9) Internal Linking – Link Pages and Posts Using Relevant Anchor Text

Interlinking your website pages and posts is a great

way to get more pages indexed, and ranking, helping to boost the ranking of the inner pages, helping your site rank on a page level. This increases the number of terms you can rank for, potentially increasing your traffic by leaps and bounds.
If you mention a term explained in another post, take the time link to it using a relevant term, boosting the rank and authority of both posts.

10) Add a Blog to Your Website & Update It Regularly

Adding a blog to your website is a great way to keep Google interested in your site, and raise the crawl rate to get your new content indexed faster. You see, Google isn’t that interested in static website that stay the same year in and year out, playing favorites with newer content and regularly updated websites.
Blogging provides website owners with a way to tap into this preference, providing regular new content, and ranking for more keywords than would be possible with a static website.

11) Make Sure Your Website is Mobile Friendly

Having a mobile friendly site is no longer really optional, not if you want to rank well in search engines. April 2015 saw Google’s latest update, also known as Mobilegeddon in SEO circles, penalizing websites that were not accessible on mobile devices, and with over 50% of users accessing the internet via smart-phone or tablet, it only makes sense.

A fully responsive, mobile ready website is essential to ensuring your site dominates search results.

12) Use Schema Mark-up for Stronger Local SEO

Local businesses and service providers who hope to dominate local search results should add schemas to their pages to boost local search rankings. Schemas were specially developed to help search engines understand your websites content more thoroughly, this includes the address and linked social media pages. Adding the relevant schemas to the address, phone number, email and relevant linked social media accounts can help with search, and Google Map rankings.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions. Gary